Tennessee Pastors Network Urges Pastors to Protest ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Event This Weekend

Believe it or not, the “Drag Queen Story Hour” may be coming to a library near you in 2019.

Parents and concerned community members have been protesting these organized activities at libraries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans and New York, according to The Christian Post.

Now, concerns are heightened in the South, and a similar event is slated for Saturday afternoon in Cookeville, Tennessee, notes the Tennessee Pastors Network .

“We are seeing further Drag Queen Story Hour readings at public libraries in the Bible Belt,” said TNPN President Dale Walker. “This should be a matter of grave concern to pastors in Tennessee with a biblical worldview. The LGBTQ isn’t just interested in tolerance, but they demand dominance and want to silence the pulpit that would dare preach about cultural issues. The church has everything to lose if we don’t stand up on these issues. Activists for this vocal agenda are at the public library today, and tomorrow they will be knocking on church doors demanding to be hired as youth leaders. The LGBTQ agenda preaches tolerance, but they are the intolerant ones who try to force bakers, photographers and artists to go against their sincerely held beliefs and litigate them out of business.

“These events are bullying the innocence of young children and causing further confusion to the moral compass of our society,” Walker added. “Pastors from all across Tennessee should protest this 1 p.m. CT Jan. 5 event to proclaim to the politicians and elected leaders that enough is enough and that this crosses the line of what libraries are intended for. Libraries weren’t intended to further social agendas, but to further learning. They should be a neutral environment where families can take their children and not have to worry about the LGBTQ agenda being pushed upon them.”

According to The Christian Post, evangelist Franklin Graham said in a Facebook post: “Men in full drag reading books to kids at the public library? No wonder people are protesting!” His response came after an AL.com article about pushback in the South about events where men dressed as drag queens read books to children, such as one titled “Stella Brings the Family,” which is about a girl who takes her two dads to a Mother’s Day celebration.

The Christian Post also reported that a librarian has resigned over the issue.