With Liquor Bill Passed, Tennessee Pastors Network Leader Praying at Courthouse Square Tomorrow

Pastor Dale Walker, president of the the Tennessee Pastors Network, will be in Murfreesboro at noon CDT  Tuesday, April 17 at the Murfreesboro Courthouse Square to pray for the families suffering the effects of horrible addictions to drugs and alcohol.

The recent passage of Sunday liquor sales by Tennessee politicians will further contribute to the addiction crisis and increase the burden on faith-based ministries that attempt to help the addicted and their families, Walker said.

“Pastors have to deal with the effects of alcohol after the bottle is empty,” stated Walker. “We will pray for those who are impacted by drug and alcohol addiction, and that our elected officials will begin to address the devastation that their own addiction to special-interest money produces for our families.”

WHO: Tennessee Pastors Network
WHAT: Prayer rally after bill allowing Sunday liquor sales passes
WHERE: Murfreesboro Courthouse Square
WHEN: Noon CDT, Tuesday, April 17, 2018
WHY: To gather Tennessee residents for a time of prayer and to publicly declare concern for the addiction crisis and how it destroys lives and families; learn more about TNPN at www.tnpastors.net.
INFO: Read coverage in The New York Times, quoting Walker, on this topic here.

“It is very apparent that the politicians are not the answer and are part of the problem by passing so many bills expanding venues of alcohol,” Walker added. “Even so-called conservative Republicans are giving tax breaks to Jack Daniels Whiskey while raising gasoline taxes on working Tennesseans. It seems the Republicans in Nashville have become the party of Big Liquor—and Murfreesboro Senator Bill Ketron is leading their efforts by effectively shouting ‘belly up to the bar!’ Voters in his hometown need to know what he is doing in Nashville, and our Courthouse prayer rally will hopefully help inform them.”

To read a NY Times article on the recently passed Sunday Liquor Sales legislation and the TN Pastors Network President Dale Walker’s comments, please click HERE.