Tennessee Pastors Network President Dale Walker Applauds Anti-Addiction Efforts; Calls for Strict Restrictions on Alcohol

Tennessee Pastors Network president, Dale Walker, made this statement as Governor Haslam rolls out his $30 million plan to combat the opioid crisis in the Volunteer State, and Rep. Bud Hulsey introduces a bill to stop DUI offenders from purchasing alcohol:

“The cost of addictions in our society is mounting up. The opioid crisis is sadly claiming many precious lives. Where is the outcry from our elected politicians regarding the gateway drug, alcohol? This despicable, silent and deadly killer continues to keep itself off the radar, but daily fills up the mortuary with its victims. The Tennessee Pastors Network is exceptionally pleased that Governor Haslam is taking extreme measures to help put an end to this epidemic with opioids, but we sincerely question if our elected leaders do not understand the effect on the lives of those devastated by the number one killer, alcohol.

“Alcohol continues to devastate even more lives and politicians are to blame as they allow more and more venues for alcohol to be sold. A bill introduced by Rep. Bud Hulsey would stop offenders from purchasing alcohol by marking their driver’s licenses. The liquor lobby will fight this like tigers with deep pockets flush with blood money from their victims.      

“Furthermore, our President sets a tremendous example to young and old alike by taking his stand of not drinking alcohol.  I thank God that President Trump does not consume this killer that takes a life every 10 seconds, according to the World Health Organization.. I hope and pray that Tennessee wakes up and puts restrictions on alcohol sales.  We grieve for victims and their families, like former State Rep. Mike Locke, who was killed by a drunk driver.  Many other innocent people lie prematurely in their graves because of the danger of alcohol. Ephesians 5:18-20 tells us ‘..be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.”     

The Tennessee Pastors Network urges Tennesseans to make their voices heard and contact their legislators to voice your concerns and opinions on issues such as these.  Visitwww.TNpastors.net to learn more.