Nazarene College Shuns Constitutional Event; Opens Doors to Anti-Biblical LGBT Issues and Events

This past week, Trevecca Nazarene College canceled a meeting by Gubernatorial Candidate, Senator Mae Beavers on Homeland Security.  The statement below was made by Dale Walker, President of the Tennessee Pastors Network.

“Trevecca Nazarene has caved to political correctness as they canceled an event on Homeland Security hosted by Senator Mae Beavers. This past week, Trevecca slammed the doors shut on speakers that would communicate about the persecution of Christians, threats to Homeland Security and those that have vowed their hatred toward our Christian values.

“This ‘Christian Holiness institution’ yet opened their doors for Soulforce to come to the Boone Convocation Center in 2012. Soulforce is a non-profit advocacy organization that supports LGBTQ people from ‘religious and political oppression,’ according to the group’s website. Trevecca welcomed Soulforce and opened the doors of Boone Convocation Center to this discussion on LGBT issues.

“The recent bowing to the idol of political correctness by Trevecca is the clear indication that the leftist groups can and will bring pressure on Christian institutions that even dare to expose the truth about Islam and the risk it is to the security of our country.

“The persecuted, oppressed Christians in Islamic countries are termed as the Arabic N or Nazarene and this is painted on their homes as they stand proudly for Christ. They do not bend or bow or shirk from their faith, in spite of persecution and at the peril of their own lives.

“The Nazarenes in America are cowardly and running from the “faith of their fathers” and shirking their Biblical duty of, ‘Remembering those who are in bonds…’ (Heb. 13:3). May GOD have mercy on us when our so called Christian Colleges are in such a state of spiritual decline when they open their doors to discussion on LGBT issues and yet slam the doors on those that would speak about the persecution of Christians by Islam. I pray the American Nazarenes would find some of the Holy Boldness that the oppressed Christians in Islamic countries have.

“I also pray that Nazarene Pastors and members of the Nazarene Church will boldly place financial sanctions on supporting Trevecca and their leaders for treating the honorable Senator Mae Beavers, a lifelong Nazarene, in this despicable manner and refusing to allow a discussion about Christian Persecution and Islam and how it affects our National Security.”