Franklin Graham SCHOOLS LIBERALS With This 3 Year Old Girl

Sometimes children teach us the most, don’t they? This little 3 year old girl saw a police officer eating alone, and what did she do? Just the simplest, kindest act of offering her sweet company.

Here, Franklin Graham uses her example to show people (particularly liberals who have taken the opportunity lately to disrespect law enforcement) how we should be treating the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe.

CBS News reports that Sgt. Steven Dearth was eating dinner at Panera in Massachusetts when a sweet little girl came up to him to talk, encouraged by her parents.

Dearth gave Lillian a little jr. officer’s badge and asked her name and age. They each got their food and went back to their own tables, but when Lillian noticed Dearth was eating alone, she took her food over to eat with him.

Lilian shared with Dearth that she wanted to be a cop when she grows up. After eating, Dearth took her and her family out to see his patrol car and told them they could tour the station whenever they want.

And Dearth loved the dinner company. “It was the best ‘dinner date’ I’ve ever had.”

Isn’t this awesome? This inspires us to treat our police better and show them how much we appreciate them, don’t you agree?