Silence of the Lambs

This is the troubling reality of many being silent on Islam. This is a great article on the issue from American Pastors Network.

3-23-17: Silence of the Lambs

QUESTION: Why do Pastors and churches remain silent and unwilling to call Islam what it really is?

Pastor Isaac Crockett:
I think part of that answer may be in the fact that Churchill had seen the results of how evil humanity can be, and the results of some of these evils like Nazism, like Islam. But as a war hero, he had seen the carnage up close. I think even in modern day now, you refer to religious leaders, there are people who have been in the Middle East as missionaries and different things. I look at Franklin Graham and the work he does with Samaritan’s Purse, having a hospital right there in Mosul treating these people, and he’s one of the most outspoken against Islam because he has seen the carnage firsthand. That may be why Churchill was so adamant against it, but I also believe that he lived in a time where leaders in general in the Western World were more open to truth, whereas we live in a time where many people have been taught for generations that there are no absolutes and that people are generally good.
Paul told the church in Thessalonica … they lived in a time with a lot of similar philosophies. Satan uses these same philosophies over and over, and to the church in Thessalonica, Paul said that “Those who have …” and this is the words he used … “pleasure in unrighteousness. Those who have pleasure in unrighteousness will not believe the truth, but instead they will believe a lie,” and this is what’s going on around us on a regular basis, even in our churches, is that people are refusing to accept the facts, the truth, the evidence around us because they love unrighteousness, and it’s a sign of the times.
We were talking about this yesterday with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, that in II Thessalonians chapter two, it says that “The people will be deceived because …”, again, Paul’s words, “they received not the love of the truth.” Then he goes on in verse 12 and he says that “They all might be condemned or damned,” he says, “who believe not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”
Jesus is the way, Jesus is the truth. He’s the life, and the further we get as a country or as a people or even people claiming to be Christians, the further we get away from Christ and Jesus, His truth, the more we will be self-deceived and the bigger a mess we will make, and this is happening right before our eyes.